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Louis Kahn-Ann Tyng Designed House For Sale In Cherry Hill, NJ

Kahn Cleaver house

Clever House 2015 for sale “as is.”


417 Sherry Way, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
3 beds· 2 baths· 1,694 sq ft

From the real estate website: The “Clever House”” designed by Architect Louis Kahn from 1957 to 1962. The center point of the home is a large living room with an 18 foot roof composed of four large angular gables. Large triangular windows in each of the four gables provide the living area with soft natural light. The central living area is surrounded by five smaller rooms each with its own pyramidal roof. Each roof underside is finished with narrow wooden strips creating an umbrella of wood in each room. This home sits on .69 acres 150 x 200. The home and gardens can easily be restored to their original grandeur. For those who admire architecture this home is a delight. Property is being sold in “As-Is” condition.

Kahn Clever House 1962

Clever House 1962

William Whitaker, co-author of The Houses of Louis Kahn (2013) and SAH Phila President, tells us the house was built for Fred and Elaine Cox Clever in 1957-62. Fred and Elaine were Freedom Riders and founders of the ACLU in New Jersey. The design bears a very strong imprint of Anne Tyng. It’s a design that evolved in the last, difficult years of her and Kahn’s collaboration. To the degree that it is a Tyng design, it is one of only 2 or 3 that remain standing and it’s loss would be a blow to understanding and experiencing her particular sense of space and architecture – and Kahn’s, too.

We will keep you posted on any attempts to preserve the structure, or if you hear of any please email us ASAP.

SAH Annual Meeting

Chicago at the Global Crossroads
The SAH 68th Annual Conference

sah-2015-annual-conferenceCo-Chairs: Ken Tadashi Oshima, 1st Vice President, SAH
Alison Fisher, The Art Institute of Chicago, Department of Architecture and Design

As the SAH marks its 75th anniversary, it is indeed fitting that they gather in the hometown of the Society’s headquarters in Chicago, a city situated at the global crossroads. Strategically located between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Valley system, Chicago grew rapidly with westward expansion after the 1803 acquisition of the Louisiana Territory. Becoming a major railway hub of the continental U.S. in the second half of the nineteenth century and international airway hub in the twentieth century, Chicago has always been closely connected to major currents in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

For the 2015 Conference, SAH has sought to curate a balance between paper sessions and a direct experience of the dynamism of Chicago through evening events and tours.

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